The Full Circle Health Philosophy

As a massage therapist, health coach and teacher, my work at Full Circle Health is driven by a passion for the physical exploration of the body and its’ many paths to healing. Whether you enter my practice seeking relief from the physical pain of an injury or a new path to wellness through health coaching, my intention is always to work alongside you to assist you in reaching your goals. It is my belief that life is a healing journey. Along the way, sometimes we need the help of healing hands when an injury doesn’t heal on its’ own or a little extra support for lifestyle changes to take hold. Whether I am teaching you a stretch to do at home or passing on a recipe to make healthy greens, my goal is to empower you to make healthy living an easy and natural part of your daily life.


Testimonials from Past Clients

As a person with chronic back pain, I can tell you that Lois has made a huge difference in my overall health. The massage and stretching techniques that Lois employs have helped to control my discomfort and increased my strength and agility. With Lois´ help, my quality of life has never been better.” – Jan Graham

“Lois Orth-Zitoli has made each healthy eating class exciting, informative, and easy to understand. The students – all adults – look forward every year to her presentations. She’s a real inspiration to us all!” – Marie Clapper

Lois has been incredible. She’s completely changed the way I view food and nutrition. Despite my history of sugar cravings and late night eating, she’s taught me how to eat happily and healthfully while traveling 3-4 days a week. (The five pound loss is a great bonus as well!)!” – Maggie Kuhlmann

Lois inspires in cooking classes with multiple levels of awesomeness. Her recipes and techniques are simple yet power and vitamin packed. Lois makes you comfortable in her classes. She allows for as much or as little hands on work as fits your skill level, and with easy, friendly and fun teamwork. I have learned about new foods, new techniques for cooking, and new places to shop. Lois has even inspired me to grow kale in my garden! She makes eating green easy. I keep taking classes with Lois because Lois revives my culinary spirit.” – Cathy Dunlap

Working with Lois was a gift! The nutrition counseling gave me the awareness to understand why I was choosing the foods that I was choosing, an accountability partner on my wellness journey and the priceless gift of having Lois hold the space for me to express myself freely. I highly recommend this engaging process to anyone who is committed to his or her health and overall sense of well-being. I feel free now!” – Susan Grabacki

Over the years that I have known Lois, I have seen her develop a beautiful balance in her life. It was seeing Lois in this happy state that encouraged me to seek her guidance. Indeed, working with Lois has inspired me to find more balance in all aspects of my life. I appreciate greatly that Lois was there to let me go to the emotional places I needed in order to achieve change. She was supportive and encouraging, helping me find the right way for my own change. Before working with Lois, I had a difficult time finding the right balance between food, movement, and life. While I am still constantly working at it, I feel I have a greater sense of what is healthy and makes me happy in my life, and I truly have enjoyed exploring the delicious world of healthy food. Thank you, Lois, for creating health and movement in my life in all its’ many forms.” – Moira Scullion