Personalized Health Enhancement Services

Massage Therapy

The focus of my massage therapy services is to relieve pain related to musculoskeletal injuries and dysfunctions. I use the disciplines of orthopedic massage, active isolated stretching and neuromuscular therapy to accomplish this.

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Health Coaching

My approach to health coaching is based on the belief that no diet works for everyone. As a matter of fact, diets do not work, which is why the core of my work is based on learning new habits around food and lifestyle.

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Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)

Developed by kinesiologist, Aaron Mattes, AIS is a unique and highly effective approach to stretching. In addition to rapidly building strength and flexibility, it can help speed recovery from a wide variety of pain and injury problems.

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Health Education: Classes & Coaching

Cooking Classes

Classes are held in the warm atmosphere of my home kitchen. My emphasis is on teaching you to prepare healthy food that is both easy and delicious. If it is a challenge for you to eat loads of green vegetables, I will teach you to make them so irresistibly yummy that you will not be able to stop eating them! Cooking is one of my greatest passions, second only to eating, and there is nothing I enjoy more than bringing you into my kitchen to create fabulous healthy food. The classes are small, usually limited to six students, and are a combination of demonstration and hands on learning.

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Talks and Speeches

Book an educational talk or workshop for your corporate wellness program, community or church group. Lois Orth-Zitoli will present a thought-provoking interactive program on a variety of topics related to nutrition, health and wellness.

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AIS Classes

Out of a love for teaching and a desire to empower her clients, Lois developed these AIS classes so that people can take these stretches into a home practice.

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